Afrimerican community

Free Resources to aid in the African Cultural Renewal.


Afrimerican vibes...

Our Boston based Interactive community outreach program is our monthly community BLOG meeting where we discuss Afrimerican related issues, work on our community outreach and network with an African family orientated approach...

Its so easy to participate in the or offline (group meeting).

  • So read the AFRIMERICAN VIBES BLOG on this website.

  • Post your comments to be read at the meeting (in case you cant make it or just to give us another angle to discuss).

  • Come to the meeting discuss, learn and grow with other Afrimericans.

  • Get involved in the organization and grow our membership!!!

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Check out our facebook page and group...we are on Instagram, Twitter and Pintrest as well.

Become a culture guide

Are you part of the African Diaspora (especially African Immigrant) and would like to share your culture with a brother or sister that wants to learn. You can become their culture guide and help them learn from your authentic experiences. Send an email to and lets see what opportunities are available.



Looking for African and African-American Cultural product & service providers to join our community. 

We accept donations of African Cultural products and services. Your donation will make the less fortunate happy and keep our organization going.

We will be pushing to provide FREE exposure to our Afrimerican community members as much as please sign up.