Study in the diaspora

Afrimerican Culture Initiative Inc. wants to increase the African cultural diversity in the diaspora by adding to the African foreign student population  of some of the major institutions of higher learning we have in the United States. Our program is powered by the International Student Alliance also located in Boston.

We aid and facilitate admissions into the following institutions:

Starting with 11 U.S. universities and along with our partners, the Afrimerican Culture Initiative provides life changing opportunities for qualified African students to achieve a dream of studying  in the USA.

We facilitate your student visa and other travel arrangements.

Corporate, organization and institutional collaborations will aid us in also providing financial assistance to some of these students as well.

Our African partners aid us in finding gainful employment in the USA or in Africa after you earn your degree.

Download our Myeducation: Africa program info & student intake form here. Fill out the form and send to

We can achieve your dreams together!